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Can I inquire about logistics support at either origin or destination location?

Yes, we have partnered with PBLA, www.pbla.com, thus we are able to refer you to professional bulk liquids operators in all major trading location all over the world.
Please send your request.

Can I inquire about technical support station, fitting & recycle stations at either origin or destination location?

Yes, all approved Global Brands maintain a network of such support centers around the world.

How many countries are currently covered?

42 countries and over 100 locations

Will I be able to apply for a volume discount?

Yes, depending on the geographic region and the annual volume projections a special discount will apply.

Will I be able to track and manage my inventory on line?

Yes, we have developed a customized dashboard functions for a 360 view of all your transactions.

Have the Manufacturers been properly vetted?

Yes, a rigorous application process is applied to provide you the best possible purchase experience.

What about Product liability?

All listed Global Brands carry a product liability insurance along with an emergency response process in place.

What is a Flexitank?

The Flexitank is a hermetic sealed, collapsible and flexible bag/bladder which is stuffed in a 20’DV Container, and rely on a 20 dry-van container walls and flooring, to contain the bulk liquid cargo bag.The Flexitanks size/volume can range from 16,000-24,000 L.
The Flexitank is a flexible, light, and collapsible vessel of a new generation for the Transport and Storage of bulk liquids.

They can be used for liquids classified as non-dangerous cargo according to ADR, RID, IMDG regulations.

The used materials resist a wide range of non-hazardous liquids cargo (according to ADR, RID, IMDG).

Shape, design, materials and dimensional tolerances ensure high safety when used by customers.

The main materials used can be recycled – only polypropylene and polyethylene.

FLEXITANK is the composition of multi-layered polypropylene and polyethylene tubes. The inner liner provides the liquid tightness, whilst the outer layer provides support to the inner liner and provides high stress absorption capabilities against dynamic stresses imposed during transit and cargo handling.

Why choose FLEXITANKS?

Transport Flexitank:

Flexitank installed in a 20 "container (ISO 1496-1) serves as a transport tank for liquids, both foodstuffs and chemicals, classified as non-hazardous substances.

‣  One-way packaging designed to transport liquids - light, safe and solid
‣  Economical solution for customers - savings up to 30% of costs compared to other
‣  Packaging and transport modes (barrels, IBCs, ISO tanks)
‣  Extremely high absorption capability of dynamic and static stress during transport
‣  Environmentally friendly solution, all materials used are recyclable
‣  Standard Flexitank sizes for transport: from 16,000 to 24,000 liters

Storage Flexitank:

‣  Flexitank serves as a liquid reservoir
‣  Reusable mobile storage tank for liquids
‣  The couplings supplied allow easy connection to all types of hoses
‣  Easy installation before filling and easy handling during use
‣  Standard sizes of Flexitanks for storage: from 3,000 to 50,000 liters
‣  Approved for storage of liquid fertilizers and other substances, including Safety Bag


What can be transported in Flexitanks?

Non-hazardous liquids.

‣  Industrial and Chemicals materials
‣  Foodstuff, Wine, Juice, Oils, Lards and more


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